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refugee number two extended a dramatic rate. i mean, you really can't trust an arsonist to put out the fire. and i think that's the problem that republicans have, is trusting joe biden and democrats to do anything on the border. they started this fire. they have no desire to put it out. what you saw earlier in the year was a part as employ to try to get funding to ukraine by tying border security. i think the most important thing to look at is recently i started my own bolick instead, but republicans sure. let's let's not forget republicans said they wouldn't go along with ukraine unless there was border funding. and you add a staunch conservative negotiate this, who pushed this in the senate? i do not want to relitigate it because we've litigated it so many times, but that didn't go. >> but but yeah, sure. but they did backtrack out. republicans did backtrack done and that's that server issue. but i think it boils down to the root cause is voters trust president trump on the border more than they trust democrats. and the voters are sworn to know that this fire that's having on our border is a direct result of joe biden's executive actions and so why would you trust them to fix it? >> and that is one thing that is the unknowable that we will

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not, that will watch it play out together is no matter what action is taken or not taken or what arguments made, who at the end of the day, who do voters trust? >> that's what, that is what it's going to come down to when it comes to this vote it clear to you, ryan and different here's the vote from others. >> it's i'm loving this pop-up video is dry land that today it's great to see you both. >> thank you, simon a new hours. >> andrew centrals towards now and just moments a child of the sitting president goes on trial i'll for the first time, jury selection begins in hunter biden's federal gun case as his defense just suffered a key setback overnight and then breaking just moments ago would lead to schools shut down as water main breaks, leaf thousands in the city without water and the weight is almost over both highly, it does finish show of the television

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season set to premiere what type, begun just a few words. my favorite coworkers, zaraa, is out today i'm john berman with kate bolduan and this is cnn news central we are standing by for jury selection in the federal gun trial i love president biden, son hunter begins in just minutes. he is the first child of a sitting president to face criminal trial with 54-year-old is charged with illegally purchasing and possessing a gun while abusing for being addicted to drugs. prosecutors say he bought the gun in october of 2018. >> he had it for about 11 days. >> cnn's kaitlan poland's is with us now. >> we really hard just minutes

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away for something historic and really something a lot of people thought would never happen yeah, a case that hunter biden was really trying to cut fits away from or even not have to face with a trial that there was a plea deal previously that fell apart, but here we are now, john with jury selection beginning today. >> here's a little more on how we got here. >> the son of the sitting president on trial in another criminal case with big political implications. >> they ridiculed my struggle with addiction. >> hunter biden's addiction and purchase of a gun in october 2018 is at the heart of this case. >> the justice department accusing him of lying on gun purchasing forms that required him to a test. >> he wasn't addicted to drugs. a special counsel brought the case last year after a prior deal fell apart in dramatic fashion at his plea hearing. >> i'm here today to announce the appointment of david weiss as a special counsel on monday jury selection begins

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potentially a challenging task in his hometown of wilmington, delaware, federal prosecutors plan to highlight a part of his memoir where he writes about struggling with drug addiction around the time he bought the gun i return that fall of 2018 after my most recent relapse in california with the hope of getting cleaned through new therapy and reconciling with halle, neither happened. and they have evidenced from the week of the gun purchase, a hunter biden texting he was waiting for a dealer and sleeping on a car, smoking crack. the trial also may feature testimony from the women in hunter biden's life, his ex-wife, his brother's widow, and a woman he pays child filed support to prosecutors, say the women witnessed his drug addiction joe biden continues to seek reelection. the president has avoided commenting directly on the prosecution of his son i'm very proud of my son, yet the trial is likely to dredge up more republican attacks on the bidens, including about a laptop containing embarrassing

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messages and images that prosecutors have obtained. the biden crime family sold out america and the american people have had enough, republicans have been investigating hunter biden's business dealings as part of an impeachment probe of president biden. that's come up short. >> maga republicans have impeded my character invaded my privacy attack my wife my children my family, and my friends after his trial on felony gun charges ends, hunter biden is set to face a second one in federal court in california on tax charges so now a hunter biden is arriving at that federal courthouse in delaware. we're just hearing that now. and john, what's happening next is that his defense is going to try and poke holes largely around this idea that nearby biden knew he was an addict at that time of october 2018, that they're

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going to try and make the point to the jury that he was trying to get clean. he had just come out of rehab and that this was not a man who when he checked that box, knew he was lying, john. >> all right. katelyn polantz for us, we are seeing some arrivals of the principal players in this case, as you said, live pictures from outside the courthouse right there, caitlin paul, let's thank you very much let's talk about all of this right now, joining us right now, defense attorney and former prosecutor randy is ellen brandy. >> thanks for coming in. what do you think of the case against hunter biden just to start off, it is not a factual case. it is a legal case. in other words, it's kinda tough to contest that it didn't possess a gun that i didn't fill out an application. and at some point in time i was a drug addict. those it is a legal right now to be a drug addict in possession of a gun, it is illegal to lie on the application that i'm not a drug addict. however, courts have been coming down lately saying, wait a second. now we're in the second amendment. does it say? that you can have a gun if you will, once a drug addict, i don't know if you're a drug addict now, not a drug

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addict now. and right now because of that, hunter biden's case is not going to be one at the trial court level. it will be one at the appellate court level. >> but let's on that question. >> i'm calling it i'm going to call it gray area if you will, and maybe it's not, but this matters because biden's defense team has wanted to lean into this argument that hunter biden did not think he was an addict at the time that he was buying the gun, one of the questions on the federal form, you have to fill out involves this question. >> are you an unlawful user of or addicted to illegal drugs? how much gray area? for you do you see in that? >> that's a tough one because first of all, that means hunter is going to have to take the stand good luck with that. >> and they did. and john mentioned this and it's critical. they got hurt. the defense got hurt in two ways. just now. yeah. number one, they can't call an expert basically to talk about well, was hunter thinking at that time since he completed rehab?

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i'm no longer a drug addict. judge said no, that's not helpful to the jury. we're not letting you call an expert and we're not letting you bring in another application where you're saying it was dr. the man from mars came down dr. my application and the application should be thrown out. >> you think that really hurts them again to me, i think you have to go into this thinking. >> we're going to lose, but we're going to win at the appellate court level again because courts are saying you can't say i can't have a gun because i was a drug addict and also remember he had a plea deal so that the judge blew up and that will also be tested in the appellate court will even before then. >> and again, me not being the legal, mine started wondering this trial comes about after the plea deal last year, last summer blew up in real spectacular fashion and in a hearing does that blown-up plea deal play any part in this trial? >> only to the extent that the judge will ask the potential

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jurors if the juror knows anything and if the judge is smart, the judge doesn't do it in front of everybody else. you bring an individual jurors because you don't want to give other jurors now. oh, wait a minute. i didn't know about that. oh, i can get off this jury simply by saying i can't be fair and impartial because hunter basically was involved in a plea deal. that's really interesting. you also make the point that you think hunter biden's case and donald trump's new york criminal case, that led to his conviction, are two sides of the same coin. >> explain this, brothers in arms starting backwards, you have a decision excluding a defense expert in the biden case, like in the trump case, and then take it back. >> you've got a defective indictment in the trump case where he doesn't even know what the other crime is. you've got this notion of, is it constitutional to prosecute someone for being a drug addict against the backdrop of the second amendment, you've got a trump appointed judge overseeing the biden case. you

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have mercy judgement, justice michigan, who was had a relationship with the democrats in the trump case. the parallels are iri, they are stunning and of course the way each side handles it hunter biden hear a word about it, this being rigged, this being a conflicted judge, and of course we had the exact opposite. both of those cases, however, will be resolved favorably for the defendants on appeal. >> so it says randy zahlen, we will roll back and taped when we see it happens, could see randy. thank you so much. thank you, john. really interesting president biden, ready to roll out a new executive or aimed at tackling southern border security. of 14,000 acre wildfire raging near san francisco thousands of vacuum did we have a new update on the by the battle? and it really is a story about families deeply messed up, families that have dragons it's also the most highly anticipated tells you in premiere of the season. and we have a preview my father chose

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dizziness and spinning. take back control with lipo flavanoid the most anticipated moment of this election. >> and the stakes couldn't be higher. the president and the former president 1-stage moderated by jake tapper and dana bash, the cnn presidential debate thursday, june 27, nine live on cnn and streaming on max this morning, mexico has made history electing claudia sheinbaum to be the country's first female president, the first jewish president as well. >> president biden will load out what a strong relationship chip with her to deal with border issues. and we are

5:16 am

learning this morning, the president will roll out brand new executive actions on the border as soon as tomorrow, cnn's arlette sides is at the white house or what are you learning? >> well, john sources have told us that president biden could unveil these potential border executive actions as soon as tomorrow. and in fact sources have told us white house officials have started reaching out to mayors who represents cities along the us southern border to potentially join the president here at the white house for that fence. now, the president has been weighing executive action relating to the border for several months now, in the wake of those failed bipartisan border talks up on capitol hill in recent weeks, administration officials have been working on this potential executive action that would dramatically limit asylum seekers ability to seek asylum at the us us southern border. it's expected that this policy could be reminiscent of an approach former president donald trump took while he was an in-office seizing on a

5:17 am

pre-existing authority to try to clamp down on border crossings. now so far the white house has yet to confirm that the president will in fact unveil this executive action this week, a white house spokesperson simply saying, quote, as we have said before, the administration continues to explore a series of policy options and we remain committed to taking action to address our broken immigration system. now, this comes as the president and his team are trying to tackle an issue that has been published medically vaccine for biden heading into november's election, they had also been hoping to potentially roll out and executive action before biden faces off against donald trump on that debate stage, a bit later this month, and it comes at a time as americans have increasingly showed concern relating to the issues along the us southern border, trump has really tried to make that a key focal point of his campaign. but you've also seen biden and the white house really take a more aggressive approach when it comes to the border in recent months, especially after republicans tanks those bipartisan border

5:18 am

talks at the urging of former president donald trump's something that biden said was i he would try to hold republicans accountable for that going forward. so we will see when and what exactly the white house will unveil relating to a potential border executive action at a time when the president is trying to move the needle with voters on an issue that has really emerged as a top concern heading into november's election. >> yeah, the zika of action is discussed for months and months. it will be interesting to see what they look like when they do come out or let science thank you very much for that, right. >> broken water mains shut down streets, cancel a big concert close schools you can see a little bit, a little bit of the water right there. the crisis in atlanta this morning so if you've been waiting months and months and months for the next installment of housing the dragon. well, wait no more the biggest show of the season is set to premiere and we haven't early look against the king, and i will pay it back read times either i miss fierce and there's any anthem you have no

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theater. because i'm afraid this is your light play is my life. >> the great lillian harb streaming exclusively on macs this morning summer school programs and atlanta or canceled as the city is still grappling with a water crisis, it all started friday, multiple water mains burst, leaving thousands of people without water and under boil water advisories, all weekend. >> and city officials, as they're working to fix this, we're also facing criticism now for how their handling the ongoing emergency, joining us right now from atlanta. atlanta mayor andre dickens, mayor. thank you so much for coming in. how many people are still without clean water this morning? >> yes so good morning right now. we are still under a boil water advisory, which i'm very hopeful that in the next hour or so that we can lift that, we

5:24 am

have done tests on the water and everything comes back negative, but we want to make sure that we send this off to the epd are we have stable pressure throughout the system. so right now atlanta and most, most atlanta's have water is just we want to make sure that they boil it out of a precautionary measure and this has been in place over the last de and a half to two days that we've been under a boil water advisory as we because of that large water main break, it occurred on friday, and we fixed it on get resolved on saturday. we started building up pressures and things are working fine in terms of water being to the resonance for them to be able to wash their hands, take a shower, et cetera. but we wanted to make sure now that we can lift the boil water advisory and we're hoping that the epp will give us that authorizations. so from what we hear from residence is still

5:25 am

yesterday. >> things were not fine for a lot of people. i mean, we saw our teams in the field this morning's still saw salt water gushing, gushing on the streets in places. it seems a long time for the immediate crisis to still not be triaged. this many days later and have water still gushing on the streets. why is that yes. >> so there was there were two breaks that occurred that were large, a 48 inch and 36 inch pipe. these are old pipes. one was 1910 instead lesion, another of the 1930s installation and so the first one was fixed on saturday, about 5:00 and pressure by resumed and we were able to get water back to downtown and throughout the city. but another break occurred right in midtown and 11th and peachtree. and that is the one that had the high gushing water and that lasted for de and a half to two days and now we have that gusher of water down. people

5:26 am

are inside of that whole fixing that pipe right now for the rest of today, that'll probably be taken place and that would mean that right that if immediate impacted area, we have shut off the water to that area so we can isolate that pipe and fix it and then we'll open up the water again for those residents as soon as possible. so right now that is the second major incident and it is currently in a state of getting repaired the first one was fixed and all as well. and so we're hoping that we'll get the authorization to lift the boil water advisory, but to the people have inland, i do want to apologize that this has frustrated you and if frustrated me over this weekend, this is not the way the city nor the visitors, residents and tend to spend in our weekend having to boil water and have to deal with low pressure or water outages and certain areas. but right now, our hospitals are airport, city

5:27 am

hall where i'm at right now. we have water. we are able to function as well as a number of our hotels. we've been distributed bottled water to places like senior towers. and to the various homeless shelters, et cetera and unfortunately, water mains do breck especially old pipes which so many american cities are dealing with and trying to upgrade. >> but that takes decades. >> but you're also you're facing criticism for being slow to respond to what could be inevitable, which is water mains breaking. >> i mean flyers were posted in places this weekend with your picture on them saying, has anyone seen or heard from mayor andre dickens, how do you respond to this criticism? >> yeah. i mean, as a response to it, head on. a promise, the citizens of atlanta, on saturday at 2:00, that every two hours they've got going to hear directly from the city of atlanta about where we stand, whether that's a boil water advisory, whether that's a

5:28 am

repair that's being made. we did press conference at 2:00 that another press conference later in the day. so we're trying to resolve the situation. nobody is happy when you can see water gushing out of the street. we had to cancel some major events that took place, but luckily, on saturday we are on sunday yesterday those events were able to take plays the airport had 355,000 passengers. we have 60,000 people that mercedes-benz stadium individuals in a city where at parks and our swimming pools will open splash pads open. so we are balancing is but i take it seriously. i take it to heart and the residents wanted to see more of me saturday morning before the 2:00 p.m. press conference. i understand that, and i apologize. we were trying to resolve it each time we thought we had a fixed another leak would appear in that same area. we had three iterations of fixes and then water started

5:29 am

coming up and we have to shut shut the system i'm back down. so it was frustrating to say the least, but the men and women that were working on the ground, we're working very diligently because they and they continue to work as we speak from some of our live cameras, we've been seeing them working all throughout these early morning hours. mayor, thank you. hopefully this crisis is over very soon in the immediate today, we'll we'll stay on top of it. thank you for coming on coming up for us 14,000 acres of land scorched by raging wildfires in california are dangerous heatwave and wild wind gusts it's have impacted efforts to contain the blaze and more than a year of anticipation house of drafthouse of the dragon is coming back to screens this weekend and we have a sneak preview for you of the season to come from one of the show's creators and one of its stars prevailing, bring peace but you must accept the path to victory now, is one of violence good to

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you have symptoms of disease infection, an allergic reaction, or ketoacidosis its terms they off but neutrogena ultra shear sunscreen is still on the clock. >> vital sun protection goes six layers deep blocking 97% of burning uv rays. it's light, but it's working hard light me, neutrogena ultras years sunscreen want to life. >> kim ban, eric. >> i want to be world heavyweight champion and be with my family the. >> iron claw now streaming exclusively on macs supreme court justices are getting ready for the final stretch of the terms still on their to-do list right now several decisions including important cases on abortion guns. and of course, former president donald trump's claim of absolute immunity. all still to be decided before the summer recess seen as jump biskupic following all of this and joan, as is tradition, june is crunch

5:35 am

time for this court, especially what's happening behind the scenes right now with that in mind, sure. >> k it's good to see you this. they've just hit a major deadline. you know that since october they were hearing oral arguments in those all ended in april, and then they took preliminary votes and all the opinions were assigned to individual justices. and the traditional deadline for circulating in the first draft of those opinions was june 1st. that was saturday. so as of today, everything has to be in circulation to the other justices, including the ones that were just heard in april that you mentioned having to do with either abortion or the trump cases? and then this is when things get tricky, kate, because the justices have to then accommodate any kind of amendments changes, tweaks from their colleagues without alienating another justice who has signed the majority opinion. and what they call that is holding five and it

5:36 am

takes five votes for a majority of the nine to decide a case. bass and this is when they can for a pretty easy question they could take maybe one or two drafts, but those tougher cases, eight or nine drafts gets circulated and it gets down to the wire. kate in terms of impact, joan, which cases are you watching most closely sure. >> and we'll just start with a trump ones, even though i don't think we're going to see those until the end of the month, but they are the ones that i think most of our audience would be watching most closely and the really overriding one is donald trump's claim of absolute immunity from criminal trial for four counts of election subversion in the case brought by special counsel, jack smith on behalf of the justice department, a lower court said that that case could go forward, but the supreme court has stepped in and essentially delayed the trial. so we'll see where that one goes. you it's the one involves the january 6 defendants who are objecting to

5:37 am

being charged with under a statute that makes it a crime to corruptly obstruct an official proceeding in the question, there is mostly an element b, destruction of actual evidence, but that one could also affect donald trump, but could affect many more. january 6 defendants. and then we have to really important ones involving abortion access. and it was two years ago, kate, as you recall, that the supreme court struck down all constitutional abortion rights in the two cases in that area. one involving the federal food and drug administration striations expansion of access to the abortion medication, drug known as mifepristone. and whether the fda's approval and wider access to that drug can stand the other one involves, applies to states like idaho, which is in the second case, that have bans on abortion. and how they might must have to accommodate a federal law that

5:38 am

insurers that women who, whose health is at risk and might need in an abortion in an emergency room setting, how they can still get that kind of emergency care even in states that ban abortion. kate the lot of impact in a lot of ripple effects, especially from the cases you've just lined out, joan. thank you so much. good to see you. >> john. >> or this morning, firefighters in northern california's say they are making good progress against a wildfire that is burn more than 14,000 acres the fire up did saturday and some san joaquin county, it is now 50% contained evacuation orders have now been downgraded to warnings, but residents are being told to remain vigilant and prepared for potential changes cnn's derek van dam has the very latest for us this morning. what are you seeing derek? >> yeah. drawing this is really a product of of having too much rain and snow during the course of the past two winters and

5:39 am

then the atmosphere decides to turn off the faucets and all the grass that grew through this a bunch funded amount of moisture over the winter is now drying out and that leaves a lot of recipe for fire and that is what we're witnessing here across the san joaquin county region. the good news is that the winds have died down. but the backdrop to this is that the mercury in the thermometer is skyrocketing. in fact, today we have heat warnings in place las vegas could feel temperatures up to 120 degrees. that would be the heat index, but excessive heat watch across parts of arizona and into the central valley of california where the san joaquin and the corral fire is currently ongoing, hundred and 20 record high temperatures throughout the next couple of days and you can see how triple it will digit heat will blanket places like palm springs to phoenix, to las vegas, but right along this ridge of high pressure that's bringing the heat over the southwestern us. there has been active severe weather and that's what we're monitoring for the day today, we have

5:40 am

another multi-day severe weather setup that is taking shapes or chicago, dallas, little rock to jackson and then for the day tomorrow morrow, we see from des moines to kansas city currently right now, severe thunderstorm watch with some stronger thunderstorms moving into the oklahoma city area by about noon local time. so we'll monitor the progress of both the fires and the severe weather going forward. john all right. derek van dam. thank you so much for that it is the most anticipated show of the summer not no questions asked. >> don't even try to question meet season two of hbo's houses the dragon premieres june 16th, the epic fantasy prequel takes place two centuries before the events of game of thrones and is full of what you would hope and expect. >> epic battles, epic backstabbing. >> and of course, dragon, just like cnn, who said, stabbing season two, pigs up right where it left off. >> here's a sneak peek in this. my closest bloods and our best sowed, i welcome him

5:41 am

pastor king's landing is through the river lands you must establish a toe hold there. but how the river lord's will either declare for me or they will meet vague and son fire together. we can burn them blockade baller added, renew your has dragons as well. >> monnet bigger. >> if we lose the dragons to wall, there'll be no calling them back. >> you must proceed cautiously fat old lord, tally will lead to raise my banner or see his band. >> we should fly to rigueur around two and it goes right now, is the king himself, tom going carding and co-creator of the show and show runner, ryan condyle. it's great to have you guys here. thank you so much. king is wonderful to be in your presence. your highness. i don't often have to address people like that. >> the first season ands with war looming pick us up. what can you tell us? where did things pick up for your king rao? >> he's wearing his newfound fame and fortune and responsibility. now, you can see a bit of a spring in this step. i think he's trying to to remember. see if that continues exactly how springy

5:42 am

is that step, right? >> obviously, there were so much anticipation for the first season and there's been a wait before the second and i'm saying that just as a fan, not as that as a statement of fact how much of a connection is there to what we just saw on the first season and to what we already saw, a game of thrones place us in the narrative. well, we're about still more than a century before the events of the original game of thrones. so the connective tissue here is largely the expanding history of this world. and this is what we're about to see is the worst civil war ever fought in the history of westeros. so this has a major impact on the history of kotb, a lot of death, a lot too many people thousands. but really this is, this is, this battle is later called the dying of the dragons, because this, as you know, generis comes into power a world without dragons and this war is largely the reason for that. >> tom, what do you lean on? who do you lean on? did you mean do do you lean on watching the turkey arians of game of

5:43 am

thrones era to inspire your character. i mean, what do you, how do you prepare to be? >> so mean and so wiley let's just not true no, i didn't particularly on game of thrones in the way that they don't it. >> we would write it on the shoulders of giants from the word go but i mean, the right is on the shoulder, so town everything is there on the page already? the all we have to do is lift it off and life in six years. >> the story about families really extremely dysfunctional families. i mean, there are dysfunctional families, then there are the target area. so instead of having dogs for parents, you've got joggins, i guess. what is it like to write a dragon? i don't know if you do i can't tell you that i've heard it's a lot of foam i would assume so. >> could you just give something away to us? the whole idea? i mean, i guess we all knew there were going to be noted well, he get, in trouble. well, yeah. i do want to say you are among our favorite co-workers here at the max family here, then what i do. but so this will be the story

5:44 am

about how the dragons disappear. >> yeah, i mean, it leads to, again, there's 100 years i history, but this is the, this is the kind of seed events that sees that through and it's kind of a metaphor for a nuclear war. and this is the first there's nuclear war since the days of old valeria, which was the old empire when there were thousands of dragons and drag and lords. and that's what the target arians escaped and came to westeros and settled there. this is mutually assured destruction. yes, they say nuclear game theory. yes. so nuclear drag in theory, yes, correct it would just so commonplace. i often i am often fascinated by we work in timespan of like we recreate content and it is on tv two seconds later. >> you work with such a lead time and i'm often fascinated with how do you deal with so much anticipation was something that has largely been filled? >> well, i think what you have to do is be completely focused and present at the time and then put it too bad and that's that's that job done now. and this is why it's exactly doing things like this with ryan and

5:45 am

with the rest of the cast so can we get to enjoy what we worked so hard on and share it with everyone. >> when did you feel this garden? nearly a year ago now yeah. >> yeah. >> we started in april and and wrapped in the beginning of october. >> and where is this part of western where do we fill me in the majority the majority of it is in leaves and studios in wofford, just north of london but your natural hair? >> yeah, not on your head now, but in the oh god you're very hard i've been asking me about banker who looks more like a dark area and let's be fair yeah, exactly. fit right. >> what did you say? >> how much post-production work is there were still going yeah. we have my posterior came as begrudgingly letting me go this week, we still have a few episodes deliver, but that's, that's the thing. and making the show is incredibly complicated. it takes a basically a year to film it between i'm prepping production and then post is another six months plus. yeah. so we're we're give the ties for people of what to expect

5:46 am

this season from the king himself i mean it's just nuclear. >> it's a kickoff, one of chaos and the stakes are higher. everyone's desperate. it's yeah, it's gonna go off and i've got bigger dragons. >> i mean, that's, that's sublethal, liner. >> nickel for every time i heard that all right. >> listened to brian. thank you so much. thank you for being such great co-workers as well. i could not be more excited for the premiere of season two of house or the dragon, that is june 16th on macs, coming up for us, donald trump warns if he gets locked up for his criminal convictions, he's okay with it. >> but you just as quickly warns the country will then hit a breaking point and retired retired. dr. anthony fauci, return i wasn't to capitol hill. for what could be i mean, let's be honest, will be a very heated hearing over the nation's response to covid it's germs day off, but neutrogena, ultra shear sunscreen is still on the

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>> exhibit slash higher. >> america's choice 2024 he's brought to you by zip recruiter. those smartest way to hire why do we do have some breaking news just a few moments ago, the first lady, jill biden, arrived at the courthouse in wilmington, delaware. >> jury selection has already begun, were set to begin at 8:30, beginning, as we speak in hunter biden's federal gun trial, we did see hunter biden arrived earlier. he is accused of illegally purchasing and possessing a gun in 2018 while abusing or being addicted to drugs? that's the official charged overnight, the judge overseeing the trial did deal a blow to his defense, blocking one witness and also a piece of evidence that his lawyers had hoped to use so a lot to watch and coming up with that, especially saying joe biden now entering the courthouse there, but there's also this the guilty verdict in donald trump's new york trial? it was historic, but will it have an impact on his campaign remains

5:52 am

a huge question two new polls just out show americans largely agree with the verdict, but there's more to that. cnn's harry enten is back with us. what are you seeing on this area? >> yeah. the horse race. the quick question we were talking about on friday, would we see a massive change in the numbers not really so far, right. this is the one poll that we have. it's a reuters ipsos poll. the trump versus biden margin. look, pre new york conviction, the two of them were tied now post-conviction. we see joe biden ahead, but again, no clear leader. well, within the margin of error, joe biden plus two, i should note, it'll be interesting to watch kate. are there other polls that come out that show this same pattern because a two-point movement, if it's shown across multiple poles, could be very problematic for the former present because it's racist. so tight at this particular point, just one pole out, not very much movement at both take us into the number though. >> why such little change? >> because i think it's basically what americans expected are thought should happen. so this is trump's new york hush money case right before the verdict, 56% of

5:53 am

americans thought trump was guilty after the verdict 57% pretty equivalent to this 56%. think that the jury made the right call, made the right verdict. so basically what happened here, kate was most folks or the majority of folks thought trump was guilty. and of course, trump was found guilty. and now the majority of folks think that the jury made the right call here. >> regardless, the good news for donald trump is that he raised a lot of money off of this. >> oh, yes, he did. if there was no real change in these numbers, there was massive change when it came to the amount of money that donald trump, right? so according to lara trump, she said in the 48 hours post a new york conviction, look at this trump and the rnc raised 70 plus million dollars to put that into some perspective for you in the entire month of april, trump plus the rnc raised 76 plus million dollars. so basically trump, according to lara trump and the rnc, raise the equivalent of an entire month in 48 hours. there was a

5:54 am

lot of republican coalescing around the former because the united states, and i will just point out, kate, it does seem that appearing in court does pay off for donald trump because look at the trump big fundraising days. there was the new york arraignment back back here in last year, we have the georgia indictment, these two dates are actually flipped here and then the new york conviction here. what do we see? we see the again, a huge, big fundraising day, thursday's amount was about twice the amount of his prior record. so the fact is donald trump seeing big fundraising. again, look at this yeah in 48 hours. the equivalent of about a month. yeah. >> both men are going to have enough money to run for president. >> one thing i think i think we can conclude. i think that that's exactly right. this race has not going to ultimately be about money. it's gonna be about the message that's going to be driven home by the money still very interesting though. >> thank you here. thank you, john. all right. well, this now, pete, seat, former spokesman for george w bush in the white house, and vice president of bose public affairs group and keith boys in a democratic strategist and former aide in the clinton white house, you both look way too young to have worked in

5:55 am

either of those white house gentlemen, let me play you some sound. one of the things that has happened since the guilty verdict again it's donald trump. donald trump are talking about it in the possible implications in the country. listen to what he said he could face, what that does. >> i'm okay with it. i don't know that the public would stand it. i don't i'm not sure the public would stand for it with a house arrest for i think i think it would be tough for the public to take you know, at a certain point, there's a breaking point so keith, what do you hear in that? i hear a desperate man who's extremely eager to try to prove that he's not concerned about this, but he really is. he's melting down and the polls don't show that there's a breaking point of americans. americans are pretty much assuming that the, that he is guilty and americans, their belief evening, according to the polls at the jury, did the right feg. so i think donald trump is clear unstable, but what's really must most disturbing. i think john, is that the

5:56 am

republican party has shamefully aligned itself with him. this was supposed to be the law and order party, and now they're comparing donald trump to mother teresa nelson mandela and jesus christ, even because supposedly donald trump is a victim in a martyr, but they never have the same concern for black and brown people would we are wrongly incarcerated or the central park five, we down trump is still never apologize, too. so i think there's a lot of hypocrisy for republicans to live align themselves with trump. and it indicates, once again, if they're no longer a governing party, but they have instead become a grievance party. all about dental trump in his statement where you hear donald trump saying they could reach a breaking point. >> his supporters, there are some people who see that and see there is the hint of the threat of violence although some people are hearing what they want to hear. i think it is crystal clear what former president donald trump meant in those comments. and that is for

5:57 am

a lot of americans, even those who disliked donald trump and thought he was guilty, the incarceration or home detention of a former president is a bridge too far. that's what he is speaking to. and if it comes to that on july 11, his belief is that those people will come out and potentially support him in november or get off the sidelines to support him? in november. so when we try to attach absent meaning to his words and phrases, look, he has said some outlandish things over the years. i will not deny that this is not one of those times i do want to note that we don't know what the sentence will be, whether it's jail or house arrest or probation. >> i mean, it could very well be that there's no jail time at all and it's extreme 3 unlikely that he serves any sentence before the election anyway, because the appeals process will need to work itself out. can i play some sound that deals with another investigation? actually, x investigation in this case

5:58 am

because it happened on cnn and i'm not sure because a lot of attention, but it gets to some of the tensions within the republican party are manu raju was talking former house speaker kevin mccarthy and matt gaetz, congressman from florida. the issue around matt gaetz came up and there had been a federal investigation into gates into whether there was some kind of trafficking with under age women that investigation as far as we know, was dropped and gates denies it yet mccarthy, the former speaker, still seems really upset with matt gaetz over the fact that matt gaetz helped get him bumped from the speaker's chair. so listen to this exchange between manu and the former speaker if you think about it, if there's anybody who should go to trial, i mean, gates as one who should be convicted at the trial why do you say that? >> well, we all know the challenge here. you can't sleep with under age women and thank you, can get away with it. >> he denies that. >> well, the women don't pete, that's hay maker right there.

5:59 am

>> and i think shows you that there's still a lot of bad blood, i should say then obviously matt gaetz does deny this, but so much bad blood still within house republicans bad blood is the understatement of the morning. jon kevin mccarthy cannot stand. matt gaetz and we see that in all of his post speaker activities, he is really targeting in primaries, the individuals who ousted him led the effort to oust him as speaker of the house of representatives. and matt gaetz, obviously is at the top of that list. so i i'm not surprised to hear the former speaker, say these words, and i could see him starting aid no gates pack in, the very near future and putting all of his time, energy and effort into getting rid of map when you're talking about somebody's primaries keith, it is worth noting that they're all pro-trump candidates going after each other here in terms of who is being targeted by mccarthy and who isn't none

6:00 am

well, that's true and i think even kevin mccarthy's being hypocritical because how many women have accused donald trump of sexual assault or sexual abuse? >> i think it's two dozen women and where's where's the outrage about that? but when it comes to matt gaetz because he has a political vendetta against some sudden he wants to call him out national television. >> and the republican party really decide, we already know they're no longer the law and order party. >> are they really the family values party aligned with donald trump for paying hush money to a p*rn star to try to, to try to win an election. i think we have to really consider who the source is and the republicans have. i think weaken their case to be in effect if party that should be competitive in any of all right. >> keith black in pc. great to see both of you this morning. too, young men joining me for an important political discussion. thank you very much. i knew our cnn news central starts right now

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