DDG Hits Back At Negative Comments About Baby Halo Photos: 'It Makes Me So Angry' (2024)

DDG Hits Back At Negative Comments About Baby Halo Photos: 'It Makes Me So Angry' (1)

Jacopo Raule/Getty ImagesDDG Hits Back At Negative Comments About Baby Halo Photos: 'It Makes Me So Angry' (2)

by DX Staff

Published on: Jul 5, 2024, 2:00 PM PDT

DDG has made it clear that he does not play about his son, calling out online commenters who posted negative statements after he and partner Halle Bailey finally revealed their baby’s face.

The couple — who kept their entire pregnancy secret and have still not revealed baby Halo’s exact birthdateshared the very first photo of the six-month-old’s face on Wednesday (July 3). The snap was reportedly taken shortly after the family attended the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda ’24 show, which took place at the Archaeological Park of Nora on the Italian island of Sardinia.

Once DDG got wind of some of the comments being made about his little boy, he took to his Instagram Stories to encourage the naysayers to quiet the noise.

“It’s been a long, long, long six months, man. Just been keeping it a secret,” he starts in the video captured by The Shade Room. “I don’t know, like… I read a few comments. And I know I got the best looking son in the entire world; like it’s no baby out there that’s more handsome than my son. And if it is a baby watching this right now and you’re a little more handsome than my son… Or not more handsome, but like you neck and neck with ’em? Congratulations to you; you are literally the one percent.”



The Michigan native continued: “But I seen a few poor, broke, dirty, fat back [edited] on Instagram talking about my son. And it just made me so angry and mad. But then I had to realize that my son is richer than ’em. He has a more successful life; he’s in Italy at six months; he been across the world. He been around the world already and he’s only been living for six months. And they broke, poor, can barely eat, probably on welfare still and they grown, probably living with they mama.

“Now if you’re a nice person, and I described your life in any way, I don’t mean no harm to ya. I’m talking to the people that was talking crazy about my son. And I just wanna say, make sure you keep that on the internet. Cuz I’ll [edited] in real life. But I don’t wanna come over here and be super duper negative. It’s just, I’m protective over family in general, but my son? I’m like, overly protective. Like, crash out protective. So…”



Ultimately though, the new dad used the post to voice his pride and share some of his hops for his young son’s future.

“You know, if you tell somebody, ‘two plus two is four,’ and they tell you that it’s six, you can’t get mad at ’em,” DDG concluded. ‘Cause you know that it’s four. I know my son is handsome; I know I have a very beautiful, smart, intelligent son. And I’m very proud of him and he’s gonna be the future.”



He added: “And hopefully I can capture it, but also keep some type of privacy. But I do want my son to excel in plenty different ways. I don’t know if I want him to be no internet sensation or no sh*t like that. But I do believe that he’s gonna be very, very, very, very talented in something.”

The rapper/YouTuber also shared a new set of father/son photos via Instagram on Thursday (July 4).

Alongside the original group of photos DDG shared of his family, he asked fans: “who Halo look like more?”

DDG didn’t appear to get the response he was looking for, though, as most fans remarked that the child looks more like Bailey.



“Halle.. YOU ARE THE FATHER,” one person joked, while another said: “your genes went to sleep bruh.”

Hitting back, DDG posted side-by-side pictures of himself as a baby next to Halo and wrote: “Can’t say he don’t look like me.”

The couple, who welcomed Halo into the world late last year,recently filmed themselves encouraging their baby to speak his first words.

“Dada,” DDG could be heard repeating multiple times as Halo cood and kicked in excitement. After several unsuccessful tries, Halo eventually echoed his father and uttered: “Dada.”



DDG and Halle then let out excited screams in unison at their son’s special milestone.

“MY SON FIRST WORDS!! HE SAID DADA!!!!! [crying face, red heart emoji],” the former captioned the clip. “OMG KEEP WATCHING TO THE END [crying face emoji].”



The couple announced Halo’s birth in Januaryafter months of speculation that Halle Bailey was pregnant.

DDG Hits Back At Negative Comments About Baby Halo Photos: 'It Makes Me So Angry' (2024)
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