Princess Anne Co., VA marriage (2024)

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Princess Anne Co., VA DOZIER marriages, 1850- 1939

First number is license number, second is marriage date.Unless otherwise noted, the births and marriages took place in Princess Anne Co., VA.(Age), and parents’ names included.Accept single status unless otherwise noted.
Brides List:

20 Nov. 1901 20 Nov. 1901Minnie V. DOZIER (17) to Ross A. SUTTON (21)Tully and Susan Dozier.Wm. And Eliza Sutton.

8 May 1905, 10 May Lovey E. DOZIER (wid.) (30)to William N. CAPPS (35).A. S. & Betsy E. PechamandWm. K. and Jakie Capps..

4 Jan. 1906 4 Jan. 1906 Emily O. DOZIER (22) to Wilson CAPPS (21)
Thomas O. and Anna V. DozierMary Capps.

9 May 19069 May 1906Mary DOZIER (19) to Albert L. BONNEY (40)
Allen W. and Margaret DozierWm. & Mary B. Bonney.

26 June 190328 June 1903Eva DOZIER (22) to Oliver C. BURRUS (25), born Bertie Co., NC.
Andrew J. and Sarah DozierJoseph H.and Susan Burrus.

Clara M. DOZIER to William C. BONNEY[I wasn’t able to find this on the page listed.}Page 83.

13 June190817 June 1908 Katie Virginia DOZIER(24)to Frederick A. HUGO (23) Born in Norfolk Co. VA
John C. and Margaret DozierRandolph W. and Mary L. Hugo.

30 Mar. 190930 March 1909Nellie V. DOZIER (20) (wid) to Clifton J. MALBON (24)
John Jr. and Mamie WhitehurstAlbert C. and Elizabeth R. Malbon.

24 Jan. 191424 Jan. 1914Flossie M. DOZIER (18) to Jesse D. RIGGS (21)
Willis Dozier and Lovey E. CappsW. H. Riggs and M. C. Riggs.

9 July 19219 July 1921Lettie April DOZIER (22) to Victor Alton BURROUGHS (28)
J. C. and Laura DozierE. E. and Blanche Burroughs.

23 Aug. 192123 Aug. 1921Violet Gray DOZIER (23) to William Joseph BROOKS (21), born in NY City.
Geo. And Pearl DozierNo parents named.

26 April 192328 April 1923Mary Elizabeth CASON (wid) to John Marton MCcLANAN (22)
Henry Olson and Allice Cason now Alice M. DozierJohn Henry and Mary Love McClanan.

16 June 192317 June 1923Minne E. DOZIER (17)to Rupert W. EVERTON (26) (wd)
Oliver and Lizzie DozierGeorge N. and Annie A. Everton.

12 March 192412 March 1924Ethel Margaret DOZIER (18) to Irvine Floyd WHITEHURST (22)
Jas W. and Alice A. DozierW. W. and B. L. Whitehurst.

16 July 192916 July 1929Mandy Frances DOZIER (14) to Voight Smith Styron (21)
George W. and Lilly Capps DozierHenry A. and Annie Smith Styron

18 Oct. 193018 Oct. 1930Lucy Lee DOZIER (27) to Robert Clay SANDERS (34) born in NC.
George W. and Alice Flanagan DozierJ. A. and Nettie Barcliff Sanders.

4 Nov. 19305 Nov. 1930Lena Margaret DOZIER (19) to William Frank ISRAEL, Jr. (21) born in NC.
Tully P. and Lillie Nimmo DozierWilliam F. and Viriginia Lane Israel.

24 Oct. 1934 24 Oct. 1934Lillie Ann DOZIER (55) (wid) to Samuel Jackson DUDLEY (50) born in Norfolk Co., VA
Addison Capps and Jaca A. StoneDennis Dudley and Sarah Boyd.

13 April 193613 April 1936Lucille Mae DOZIER (18) to Edward FENTRESS (16)
George O. Dozier and Inez EwellJames E. Fentress and Mary O. Burnham.

29 Oct. 1934 30 Oct. 1934William West Morris (28) born in Camden Co., NY to Nancy Olivia Eaton (24.
Nat Morris and Mattie SawyerM. G. Eaton and Nancy Dozier.
Grooms List

3 Jan. 1856 Willoughby DOZIER (28), Currituck Co., NC to Chloe GODFREY
Wm. And Earline Dozier,Samuel S. Godfrey.

18 June 1866 Andrew T. DOZIER (25) to Eliza A. SMITH (18)
Noah B. and Susan DozierJames and Eliza Smith

11 July 187013 July 1870James W. DOZIER (21), born Currituck, NC to Mary V. Thomson (20)Edward F. and Nancy W. DozierFrancis and Amy F. Thompson

14 Nov. 187330 Nov. 1873John E. DOZIER (29) to Emma J. BROWN (24)J. Samuel and Lovey DozierGeo. and Mary Brown

26 June187727 June 1877John C. DOZIER (22)Margaret J. Malbone (22) (wid)
Reuben and Eliza Anne DozierNewton G. and Mary Jane Hartly.

21 Feb. 1878 Edward F. DOZIER (?) to Josephine B. FENTRESS (?)
Tully C. and Polley DozierL. Samuel and Anne F. Fentress.

29 Jan. 18799 Feb. 1879Wilson M. DOZIER (30) born in Camden Co., NC to Ellen DEWES (20).Wilson B. and Samuel and Louise Dozier and Ed and Macy Dewe(s).

5 Aug. 18825 Aug. 1882William T. DOZIER (28) to Margaret A. McBRIDE (17) born Currituck Co., NC.Wilson B. and Louis DozierWilloughby and Lydia McBride.

10 Dec. 188810 Dec. 1883 Tully J. DOZIER (20) to Jacomine A. SMITH (19) (wid) Tully and Mary DozierJess and Elizabeth Davis.

16 Dec. 1885Henry F. DOZIER (25) to Eugenia SIMMONS (26)
Tully and Mary DozierDennis and Betsy Simmons.

12 Jan. 188613 Jan. 1886James H. DOZIER (31) to Fanny F. HALSTEAD (25)Tully S. and Nancy DozierAdam and Sarah F. Halstead.
6 July 18897 July 1889William T. DOZIER (23) to Maggie E. JONES (24)William C. and Melissa DozierThomas W. Jones.

19 Jan. 189120 Jan. 1891Bascon T. DOZIER (22) and Emma V. ATWOOD (25)T. S. and Susan DozierJames H. Atwood.

21 May 189222 Nat 1892William H. DOZIER (25) to Lovey E. BEECHAM (19).Tuley [sic] S. and Susan DozierA. S. and Sarah E. Beecham.

23 Nov. 189624 Nov. 1896George DOZIER (29) to Margarett S. GILBERT (28) (wid) born in Norfolk Co.Edward and Elizabeth DozierGeo. W. and Mary S. Laurence

16 Aug. 189718 Aug. 1897John C. DOZIER (41) (wd) to Laura B. BRIGHT (22) (wid)Reubin and Eliza A. DozierWilliam and Annie E. Smith.

15 Dec. 190019 Dec. 1900 Andrew W. DOZIER (21) to Pearl E. HUBBARD (16)Wm. E. and Margaret DozierJames and Ella A. Hubbard

9 Dec. 1901 10 Dec. 1901 George W. DOZIER (28) to Alice A. FLANAGAN (20)Allen W. and Margaret DozierJohn W. and Mary A. Flanagan.

21 Aug. 190722 Aug. 1907Tully P. DOZIER (41) born in Currituck Co., NC to Lillie G. NIMMO (18) born in Norfolk Co., VaWm. E. and A. L. DozierS. S. and Lucy A. Nimmo.

11 June 191712 June 1917Andrew J. DOZIER (32) to Emma Marie CHERRY (17) born in Norfolk Co.Andrey and Eliza DozierJ. M. and L . W. Cherry.

29 Oct. 191731 Oct. 1917William H. DOZIER (24)to Mary M. ROBINSON (22)Henry F. and Eugene W. DozierJames S. and Annie H. Robinson.
1 Dec. 19175 Dec. 1917Ernest Lindwood DOZIER (30) to Alice Virginia CASON (36) (wid)H. F. and E. W. DozierS. A. and Sarah E. Woodhouse.

17 Sep. 192417 Sep. 1924 Eli [or Ell] Milton DOZIER (30) born in NYto Leona Myrtle STRONG (38)Ell B. and Mary DozierMerder and Alice Strong.

16 Nov. 192716 Nov. 1927Fred Calvin DOZIER (19) to Mary WHITEHURST (24)Goe. W. and Lillie A. DozierRobert and Alice Whitehurst.

1 June 19311 June 1931John Amos DOZIER (30) to Ollie Byancy COOPER (24)Thomas and Margaret Jones DozierThomas Cooper and Tracy Sarah [unreadable surname]

12 Feb. 193412 Feb. 1934George Odell DOZIER (30) (wd) to Nellie Bethanie SMITH(41) (wid)George W. Dozier and Lillie A. Capps.

This ends the groom extractions for Dozier in Princess Anne Co., VA

Shirley Maynard
Hampton, VA

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Princess Anne Co., VA marriage (2024)
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