Top UK Science Man Claims “New Pandemic” is “Absolutely Inevitable” (2024)

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ROUND #2: Murderous Dr. Tedros explains in the video below that they have ‘Bird Flu Vaccines’ BEFORE their upcoming ‘WHO Pandemic’.

Imagine my shock…we have another ‘vaccine’ magically engineered YEARS BEFORE a WEF/UN/WHO ‘Pandemic’.

— Liz Churchill (@liz_churchill10) May 25, 2024

This is exactly what I keep saying, isn’t it?

A new pandemic is inevitable.

Of course, when I say it, I am talking about a “pandemic,” a la the coronavirus, which was a hoax. An actual pandemic disease isn’t even possible in the current year because of cleanliness procedures – hygiene and sterilization and so on. Furthermore, viruses probably don’t even exist, at least not as they are portrayed.

But there is a 100% chance that the Western governments are going to do another hoax where they lock everything down and force people to do all sorts of things against their will, including taking some bizarre genetic injection.

The Guardian:

The former chief scientific adviser to the government Sir Patrick Vallance has said another pandemic is “absolutely inevitable” and urged the incoming British government to focus on preparing for it, warning “we are not ready yet”.

Speaking at a panel event at the Hay festival in Powys, Vallance said it is “great we are having an election” as there are “clearly issues that need to be sorted out”. One of the things the next government must do is implement “better surveillance to be able to pick these things up”, he said.

Top UK Science Man Claims “New Pandemic” is “Absolutely Inevitable” (1)

Patric Vallance

He also reiterated what he said to G7 leaders in 2021, that “we need to be much faster, much more aligned – and there are ways to do this – at getting rapid diagnostic tests, rapid vaccines, rapid treatments, so that you don’t have to go into the extreme measures that took place” during the Covid-19 pandemic. The measures he recommends are possible to implement, Vallance believes, but “require some coordination”.


He mentioned the World Health Organization’s push for the pandemic accord, a proposed agreement for countries to work together to prepare for pandemics, as one of the “steps in the right direction” that are being taken. “But I don’t think there’s enough focus,” he said. If this issue gets pushed off G7 and G20 agendas, “we’ll be in exactly the same position, and I hope that’s an important outcome of the inquiry”.

There is another thing of surrendering total US sovereignty to the UN.

Just to be frank with you, I haven’t gone through it. I read a lot of stuff and study a lot of topics, but I’m not an expert on this WHO treaty. I almost don’t need to study it, because as soon as you hear about it it’s very obvious what it is. But I’m not going to lie and claim I’ve put time into figuring out the full implications. I’ve heard a couple of podcasts about it.

These people are lunatics, however. Everything the UN does is part of the globalist agenda to destroy national sovereignty and create a centralized world government run by Jews.

🚨🌎 Dr.Tedros & The World Health Organisation don’t want you eating meat – they want you switching to a plant based diet.

“Transforming food systems is therefore essential”

The Pandemic accord covers all manner of food & climate based scripture in which The WHO seek to gain…

— Concerned Citizen (@BGatesIsaPyscho) May 18, 2024

The UN is not a real organization. It is an arm of the US government designed to give the appearance of independence.

The pandemic accord thing is just like the global warming nonsense – a plan to establish a technocratic global government system. It all comes from the World Economic Forum.

I’ve seen some people recently claiming that the whole WEF agenda is some kind of boomer conspiracy theory. This is just pure moronism. The fact that boomers talk about the WEF does not mean that it isn’t important. I can probably agree that various people in the right-wing media sphere talk about the WEF as a way of avoiding talking about the Jews, because there is this problem in the right-wing media where media figures constantly talk about “they” without saying who “they” are. So it’s easy to say that “they” are “the elites at Davos.”

But who are the elites at Davos?

You can check the people who run the Forum, then you can check the lists of attendees, and you’re going to find Jews are overrepresented in comparison to their population by a factor of probably 100,000.

I’ve always intended to go through their “leadership and governance” page and see what percent is Jewish, but if you just peruse it, you’ll see that this is a Jewish group. The most influential person at the organization is Larry Fink (BlackRock), the second most influential is Marc Benioff (Salesforce), then you’ve got Christine Lagarde (IMF, European Central Bank), and on and on. The non-Jews are all from Jew-occupied countries, and most of them have Jewish spouses.

Top UK Science Man Claims “New Pandemic” is “Absolutely Inevitable” (2)

It’s supposed to be an organization that represents “the world,” yet the richest country with the biggest population – China – has zero members in any leadership positions. Seriously. Go check. You will see a Chinese name and then search it and find the person is from Taiwan, Singapore, or Hong Kong (and there aren’t even very many of those). And of course, there are no Russians. The Moslems (another massive population) are all from Jew-aligned Arab states.

The WEF is an extremely important organization that is doing the planning for all of these UN agendas related to pandemic hoaxes, weather hoaxes, and various other global government scams. That’s true. It is also true that it is a Jewish organization.

Viruses, weather, wars – these are all scams to set up a global Jew government.

The WEF website has official statements standing with the Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, as well as condemning Chinese activity in the South China sea (and condemning China for a bunch of other stuff as well).

Top UK Science Man Claims “New Pandemic” is “Absolutely Inevitable” (3)

Top UK Science Man Claims “New Pandemic” is “Absolutely Inevitable” (4)

Top UK Science Man Claims “New Pandemic” is “Absolutely Inevitable” (5)

Every center of power in the Western world is ultimately run by Jews from Washington.

But the WEF is certainly something worth watching, as it brings together all of these different Jewish agendas, then feeds them into the UN to establish them as global policy.

Top UK Science Man Claims “New Pandemic” is “Absolutely Inevitable” (2024)
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