User manual Dual XDM16BT (English (2024)

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The Dual XDM16BT is a car radio that offers a range of features for audio playback in vehicles. It is designed to fit a variety of car models and provides a convenient way to access and control music and other audio content while on the road. The XDM16BT is compatible with various audio formats, including MP3 and WMA, allowing users to play their favorite music from a variety of sources. It features a built-in AM/FM tuner, providing access to a wide range of radio stations. The radio also has a front-panel USB port and auxiliary input, enabling users to connect their devices directly and play their own music through the car's audio system.The XDM16BT includes Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to wirelessly stream music from their smartphones or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It also supports hands-free calling, making it convenient and safe for drivers to make and receive phone calls while on the go.The car radio has a single DIN design, making it compatible with a wide range of vehicles. It has a clear and easy-to-read display, making it simple to navigate through menus and select audio options. The radio also features EQ presets, allowing users to customize the sound to their personal preferences.Overall, the Dual XDM16BT is a versatile and user-friendly car radio that provides a range of audio playback options for vehicles. Its compatibility with various audio formats, Bluetooth connectivity, and convenient control features make it a practical choice for drivers looking to enhance their in-car audio experience.

Productcar radio
FiletypeUser manual (PDF)

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When is my volume too loud?

A volume above 80 decibels can be harmful to hearing. When the volume exceeds 120 decibels, direct damage can even occur. The chance of hearing damage depends on the listening frequency and duration.

My car radio does not turn on, now what?

If your car radio does not turn on, it will not receive any power. Check that the red wire is connected to the contact power supply and the yellow wire to the constant power supply.

How can I best clean my car radio?

A slightly damp cleaning cloth or soft, dust-free cloth works best to remove fingerprints. Dust in hard-to-reach places is best removed with compressed air.

What is bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a way of exchanging data wirelessly between electronic devices via radio waves. The distance between the two devices that exchange data can in most cases be no more than ten metres.

How do I change the radio station on the Dual XDM16BT car radio?

Simply press the "Tune" button on the radio, then use the up and down arrow buttons to find the desired radio station. Press the "Tune" button again to confirm your selection.

How can I adjust the audio settings on the Dual XDM16BT car radio?

To adjust the audio settings, press the "Audio" button on the radio. From there, you can use the up and down arrow buttons to navigate through different audio options such as bass, treble, balance, and fader. Use the left and right arrow buttons to increase or decrease the levels of these settings.

How do I pair my phone to the Dual XDM16BT car radio via Bluetooth?

First, ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Then, on the car radio, press the "Phone" button. Select "Bluetooth" from the menu and search for available devices. Once your car radio appears on your phone's Bluetooth list, select it to establish the connection.

What should I do if the Dual XDM16BT car radio is not turning on?

Firstly, check if the car radio is properly connected to the power source. Ensure that the fuse is not blown and the wiring is secure. If everything appears to be in order, try resetting the car radio by pressing and holding the "Reset" button for a few seconds. If the issue persists, it may require professional assistance.

How do I set the time on the Dual XDM16BT car radio?

Press the "Clock" button on the radio to enter the clock settings. Use the up and down arrow buttons to adjust the hours and minutes accordingly. Press the "Clock" button again to confirm and save the time settings.

Is the manual of the Dual XDM16BT available in English?

Yes, the manual of the Dual XDM16BT is available in English .

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User manual Dual XDM16BT (English (2024)


How to reset dual media player radio xdm16bt? ›

Press the RESET button to reset the unit back to the factory settings if abnormal operation occurs. The reset button is located on the front panel. With the unit on, press DISP to display clock time. Press and hold DISP until the hours begins to flash, then release.

What is the PIN code for dual media player? ›

The device name is “Dual Media Player”. The Bluetooth passcode is "1234”. Note: If passcode "1234" does not pair your device to the receiver, use passcode "0000".

How to pair a dual media player xdm17bt? ›

Complete the pairing sequence from your Bluetooth device. Refer to the owner's manual for your device for more details. The device name is “Dual Media Player”. The Bluetooth passcode is "1234”.

How do I reset my radio without the code? ›

How To Reset Your Car Radio Without A Code?
  1. Refer to the User's Manual (or) Guide.
  2. Reach Your Local Dealership.
  3. Visit The Manufacturer's Website.
  4. Contact a Local Stereo Installation Center.
  5. Try Common Codes.
  6. Reset the Radio by Disconnecting the Battery.
  7. Look for Online Code-Generating Tools.
  8. Pay for Service.

What apps are needed for a dual Bluetooth radio? ›

Use the Dual iPlug Smart Remote app on an Apple® or Android™ smartphone to control the receiver via Bluetooth.

What is my pairing PIN? ›

If a passkey* is required on the display of the BLUETOOTH device, enter “0000.” A passkey may be called “Passcode”, “PIN code”, “PIN number” or “Password.”

How do I activate dual Bluetooth? ›

Enabling Dual Audio: Go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth. Tap on More options (the three vertical dots) > Advanced, and then enable Dual audio. If asked, disable Media volume sync. Volume Control: On Android 9, the volume for both devices adjusts simultaneously with the phone's volume keys.

How do I sync dual Bluetooth? ›

If your smartphone, tablet, or computer offers a Dual Audio or Multipoint feature:
  1. Ensure your device supports Dual Audio - check the specs for confirmation.
  2. Turn on the two speakers and enter pairing mode.
  3. On your device, enable Dual Audio in the Bluetooth settings.
  4. Connect both speakers to the device.
Mar 6, 2024

What is the pin for xdm290bt Bluetooth pairing? ›

ote If passcode "1234" does not pair your device to the receiver, use passcode "0000". Note: The head unit can be in any mode of operation when pairing is performed.

Where is the reset button on a dual radio? ›

The reset hole is located under the volume knob of the front panel.

What is dual mode Bluetooth? ›

Dual-Mode Bluetooth devices are those that support both Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Bluetooth Classic provides a high throughput two-way communication link (up to 2.1 Mbps). It is commonly used for streaming audio / video and for applications that require a continuous broadband link.

What is dual pairing Bluetooth? ›

Dual Pairing is a popular and advanced Bluetooth feature that comes with the latest wireless headsets nowadays. It enables you to connect your laptop/PC and smartphone simultaneously with the headset. Depending on the audio source, you can switch between the two connected devices to enjoy seamless usage.

What apps are needed for dual iplugs? ›

The Dual iPlug P1 Smart App Remote is a free app developed by Dual Electronics Corp. for Android users. This app is compatible with several Dual models including XDVD269BT, XDVD179BT, XVM279BT, and more. It connects to compatible Dual receivers via Bluetooth and functions as a wireless remote control.

What is a dual iPlug used for? ›

Dual iPlug for Android is an app for controlling your marine stereo via Bluetooth. This app can operate as a remote controller for certain marine stereo models.

How do I reset my car stereo without the reset button? ›

Devices without a reset button

Depending on your car stereo, press DSPL and (back) /MODE, DSLP and CALL button, or SOURCE/OFF button for more than two seconds.

How do I reset my car touch screen radio? ›

Press and hold down the audio system power button for at least 10 seconds. Use a paper clip or ballpoint pen to press the “system reset button.” The exact location varies by model and year, but it's a small and unmarked hole that's often near the volume knob. Wait a few minutes for the system to power back on.

Why is my radio screen not responding? ›

A cracked touch screen is one of the main reasons that lead to an unresponsive car stereo screen. Check out for visible damages. If the screen has cracks or visible damage, you probably need to repair it. Sometimes, even minute scratches can lead to a faulty touch screen for your car stereo.

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