Winegar Ridge Campground (2024)

1. Winiger Ridge at Gross Reservoir Camping | Eldorado Springs, CO

  • The Winiger Ridge campground is at the end of forest road 359 on the west side of the reservoir. There are around 30 well spread out campsites - some on the ...

  • Camping is allowed at numbered designated campsites. No fee is charged. Practice Leave No Trace Principles. Camping is limited to 14 days in one location. Af

2. Winiger Ridge Campground - iOverlander

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  • Forest service campground. Nice walks down to reservoir. Very spread out. Fire pits. Pit toilet at trailhead for Forsythe Canyon. Narrow dirt road/trail requiring med/high ground clearance.

3. Best Hiking Trails near Winegar Ridge Campground - Colorado - Gaia GPS

4. Gross Reservoir: Boulder's Hidden Gem Where You Can Camp

  • Sep 5, 2018 · Camp near Boulder at Gross Reservoir. This high-altitude water is free, open to the public, peaceful and absolutely beautiful.

  • Camp near Boulder at Gross Reservoir. This high-altitude water is free, open to the public, peaceful and absolutely beautiful.

5. Winegar Ridge Campground Map - Campsite - Boulder, Colorado, USA

6. [DOC] Are You suprised ? - Mary Baldwin University

  • Attractions: The Blue Loop Trail (#507A) begins at the campground, climbs to the top of Torry Ridge and circles Sherando Lake. It features excellent views ...

7. Gross Reservoir Hike, Colorado | Trail Report and GPS - 10Adventures

  • The Gross Reservoir Hike departs from the Winegar Ridge Trailhead off Route 86J. Route Information. Backcountry Campground. Designated Backcountry Dispersed ...

  • The Gross Reservoir Hike is a charming nature adventure that reveals stunning sights of the surrounding foothills, lush forests, and the shimmering reservoir.

8. [PDF] yellowstone national park - USGS Store

  • Ridge. Creek. Cougar Creek. Patrol Cabin. 8835. 50 ... Harlequin Campground x. Lake. National Park ... Winegar. BOUNDARY. 250 000 FEET 111°. (WYO). 22 MI. TO IDAHO ...

9. W/Wisard - Water Supply Engineering


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10. Ryerson Station State Park - Explore PA History

  • A 50-site campground for tents or trailers lies on a ridge overlooking the park. ... Wind Ridge, PA 15380. Phone ... Winegar Pottery (5.08 Miles). Colleen R. Nelson ...

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Winegar Ridge Campground (2024)
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